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Rolled Insulation:
Isover Loft Roll Insulation is a high quality thermal insulation. It is a long life product, easy to install, durable & has exceptional tear strength.

Rigid Insulation:
Celotex is a multi-purpose Insulation board. It is specifically designed to eliminate thermal bridges. Celotex has a number of applications from roof, wall & flooring systems. Celotex provides a durable insulation solution and long term energy savings for a building. 
Rolled Insulation

Isover 100mm (10.62m2) - £20.21+Vat
Isover 150mm (6.99m2) - £23.11+Vat

Rigid Insulation - 2440x1220mm

Celotex 25mm - POA
Celotex 50mm - POA
Celotex 60mm - POA
Celotex 70mm - POA 
Celotex 75mm - POA
Celotex 80mm - POA
Celotex 100mm - POA
Celotex 120mm - POA
Celotex 150mm - POA

Although we strive to keep product prices as low as possible, from time to time supplier increases force us to raise ours also. All prices shown reflect true prices at the time they were entered, prices may differ on actual day of purchase. Stock levels vary, please call ahead to ensure availability.