Sheet Materials

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Sterling OSB3 is a precision-engineered structural board that is suitable for use in load bearing and humid conditions.
It is stonger than most softwood plywood and is tough enough to meet most load-bearing applications in house building & construction - OSB3 is BBA approved & confirms to Eurocodes.
Suitable for the following applications: 
              - Timber frame housing
       - Flat & pitched roofs
       - Flooring
       - Caravans
       - Agricultural buildings
       - Decorative panelling
       - Wall sheathing


OSB3 2440 x 1220
11mm - £22.95+Vat
18mm - £29.65+Vat

Chinese Hardwood Ply 2440 x 1220
5.5mm - £17.51+Vat
12mm - £27.50+Vat
18mm - £36.81+Vat

MDF 2440 x 1220
18mm - £18.95+Vat

T&G Chipboard Flooring
22mm - £13.90+Vat


Although we strive to keep our product prices as low as possible, from time to time supplier increases force us to raise ours also. All prices shown above reflect true prices at the time they were entered, prices may differ on actual day of purchase. Stock levels vary, please call ahead to ensure availability.